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Jul 16, 2012
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Significant other/Partner: Dante

You will live in: The Demon World

Your heritage is: Half-Devil Half Human

Your style: Gunslinger

WOW. I am such a Mary Sue.

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    Dante, Mallet Island, Human, Trickster, nice
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    Partner/Significant Other: New!Dante I will live in: Limbo City (wow shit) My heritage is: Devil My style: Quicksilver
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    I’ll also write a best selling novel called “Why Do I Have to Work with Lady”
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    I got Nero, Demon world, Human, and Royal Guard Then I went again and got Vergil, Mallet Island ( oh lord does that mean...
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    Vergil, Demon World, Devil, Gun Slinger
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    Kyrie, Mallet Island, Human, Trickster. That could work
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    Dante, fortuna, Angel, Royal Guard…. I’m PRO!
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    Lady, Demon City, Angel, Royal Guard…could work with this
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    Credo, Fortuna, Angel, Trickster…. Meh
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    Lucia, Demon World, Angel, Gunslinger. Not bad, I like this.
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    Lucia in Fortuna, I’m Human, and I’m a RoyalGuard. I see.
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    Partner/Significant other: Nero Live in: Demon world T_T Angel Royal Guard
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    I got Nero Limbo City Half-devil half-human and swordmaster I’m okay with this all.
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    i got NewDante Fortuna Half demon Half human and Swordmaster oh yeah
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    Partner/Significant Other: Vergil (Can live with that.) Live In: Limbo City (No comment.) Heritage: Human (And my...
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    signif other: dante live on: mallet island heritage: angel style: swordmaster ' v '
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    Significant other: Dante [fuck yea!] Place to live: Fortuna Half-Devil, Half-Human Swordmaster
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    Significant Other: Nero Live in: Fortuna Human Trickster
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    significant other: Nero (/content) Living in: Demon World Devil Trickster
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    significant other: Dante living in: Limbo City heritage: Angel style: Royal Guard I’m actually pretty damn okay with...
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    significant other: Trish (oyaoya) living in: demon world half-devil, half-human royalguard
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    Partner: Nero Live in: Fortuna Heritage: Half-Devil Half-Human Style: Swordmaster Unlimited power.
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    Dante, Demon World, Demon, Gunslinger…PERFECT
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    Kryie, Demon World, Human, royalguard. Oh.